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Action Painting

  where emotions guide the hand 

often without the brush ever touching the canvas


Jackson Pollock is widely celebrated as the most

famous figure in abstract expressionism, a movement

that values spontaneous, energetic forms and

intense emotional expression. He's best known for his innovative technique of painting.


Pollock focused on action painting, where he would

let his emotions guide his hand, often without

the brush ever touching the canvas. This led him to

pour, fling, and drip paint directly, allowing his subconscious to take the lead. The result was a fusion

of his inner emotions, his dynamic actions, the fluidity of the paint, and the receptive canvas. This new form of art  intimately linked to abstract gestural art, emerged with Pollock as its leading light. Pollock not only painted pictures but also captured feelings and motion,

leaving a lasting impact on the world of modern art.

- Melissa Erlenbach


View my interpretations of action painting.

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