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HAND-PULLED MONOTYPE  on 180gsm archival sulfite paper, Size: 14"x12".

Artist: Melissa Erlenbach

Purchase is for Monotype only. No mat or frame

Staged View. Image in Float Frame

FREE USPS shipping in Continental USA.


  • The HAND-PULLED MONOTYPE is a one-of-a-kind print created by fine artist Melissa Erlenbach. Using a unique process, the artist meticulously hand-pulls the image onto paper, resulting in a truly original and exclusive work of art. Each monotype print is created by applying paint onto a smooth surface, and then transferring the image onto paper through pressure, multiple times, making each piece entirely unique. The one-of-a-kind nature of the monotype print ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, making this artwork a truly special addition to any collection. With its dynamic composition and rich, layered colors, this original print is a stunning example of the artist's mastery of the monotype process.

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